What To Look For In Home Steam Cleaners

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We all want clean homes, but it seems that dirt and stains are just naturally attracted to our homes – and even more so if we have kids and pets! Every time you turn around, it seems like there’s a new stain. Some are easy to clean, others not so easy. This is where the beauty of home steam cleaners, also known as vapor cleaners, really shine. In a matter of minutes, with the right vapor cleaner, you can get rid of that stain, and without any of the costly chemical products that can be so hazardous to our bodies and the environment.

There are definitely several things to keep in mind when trying to determine which home cleaner is right for your particular situation. best carpet steam cleaner

    • What kind of surfaces are you wanting to clean? Do you want to clean carpets, hard floors, appliances, upholstery? There are different types that excel for each, and there are even multi-function steam vapor cleaners that do a little bit of everything. Floor steamers are geared towards cleaning hard floor surfaces, such as tile, sealed hardwood, and laminate. Hand held devices are geared towards doing small jobs, such as bathrooms and kitchen appliances.


    • What kind of accessories come with the cleaner, or are available for an added cost. If you are wanting to clean your kitchen appliances, then a carpet steam cleaner won’t have the right accessories to get this done. However, a floor steam cleaner usually come with an accessory to allow it to ‘glide’ over carpet to sanitize the carpet and help remove stains. Multi-function steam cleaners, while not the power house of a dedicated floor steamer, gives you the option to clean many surfaces, such as hard floors, appliances, bathrooms, etc. Handheld steam cleaners come with all sorts of attachments for specialized cleaning. Keep in mind what you primarily want to clean, and keep this in mind when looking at the accessories.


    • Next, the best home cleaners should have enough heat and be considered a dry steam, or dry vapor, cleaner. Dry vapor is steam that has only 5% water. This keeps the surface being cleaned from being saturated with water. The steam produced should also be at least 260 F. Anything less will not be sanitizing much, and after all, isn’t that the main reason you are looking for a steam cleaner.


  • Make sure the cleaner has safety features that keep you from getting hurt. Most, but not necessarily all, vapor cleaner companies have safety features built in that keep you from opening the refill cap until pressure has died down. This keeps you from getting scalded with hot water. Keep this in mind when selecting your cleaner. Also look to see how easy it is to empty and fill the water container, because you shouldn’t store water in your steam cleaner when not in use.

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