Putting Lottery Winners On Display

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Do you know why God gave you two ears and one mouth? It is for you to listen twice as much then to speak.

Listen to the voice inside of you and how to master your listening skills. You can start hearing the voice, even when you are in a crowded room. It will become second instinct to you. Since it is within you, everything around you gets muted and the voice INSIDE of you takes over. Remember that the wisdom voice is the logical voice that you hear everyday. It is deeper, more profound in terms of what message it shares. You really need to differentiate these two voices. When you seek for that wisdom voice, you will first hear the logical voice sending you the typical basic message as to what to do for your instant gratification, or what clothes to wear for tonight’s date or whatever. However, if you dig deeper, that voice will tell you if you actually need to go out with that person. Take the time to listen to that quiet voice. It is only when you learn to access to that quiet (wisdom), that you will learn to feel that inner calmness and happiness. Everything else is just superficial. 사설토토

Do you actually think that money, power, prestige is synonymous with happiness? I beg to differ. I am not saying that you will NOT be happy if you have them, I am just saying that without them shouldn’t trigger your lack of happiness. All of this is just materialistic goods that aren’t a precursor to anyone’s happiness. We all need a direction to our lives that cars, money and prestige WON’T bring. Listening to that voice of wisdom is life giving you a sense of direction, just like when you turn on your car’s GPS. It will take you from point A to B, bypassing highways or Tolls road if you want to be cheap, but overall, it will bring you to that destination. Listening to your inner voice isn’t taking you out of the loop in terms of reality, but you need to make this voice a PART of your reality. It is not going to run away, and believe me, you don’t want to either.

So today, as homework, ask your inner voice: What can I do to increase the level of joy in my life? Then just wait, be silent, and see what your voice says. And please, don’t ask if you will win the MEGA MILLION POWERBALL or if the next Lamborghini will appear in your garage. Again, it’s not about materialistic goods. Keep this away for now. Focus on the listening skills. We’ll get to it later on in this 100 days program.


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