Planning To Attend Training On H-3 Visa?

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Considered to be the Trainee visa, H-3 visa allows and gives an opportunity to students and individual to seek competitive training and instruction in US that is not available to them in their home country. Additionally, it is granted for individuals looking for active participation in the educational training programs that can help physically challenged and special-needs children with learning disabilities. canada pr

Usually given only for a period of 18 months, it is given to foreign nationals with strong ties to their home country based on permanent residence and family ties that ensure that after the visa expires, the individual returns to their home country. Only 50 individuals are granted this special H-3 visa every year as part of the Special Exchange Visitor Category visa.

If you are looking forward to going to US on this visa, here is the basic eligibility that you need to have:

· Seeking training/instruction in the field of commerce, agriculture, finance, industrial sectors

· You will not be placed in any business operations that employs US citizens

· You will not be put in any active production process unless it is a pre-requisite of the training process

· The training that you are planning to undertake will help you get better job and employment opportunity outside US

· You will not receive medical education or training that is of graduate level in US

On the positive note, you can bring your spouse and dependent children along with you for the 18-month period on the H-4 visa. However, the maximum validity of the H-3 visa is for 2 years or 24 months and no extensions are permitted on this specific visa. The main benefits of the H-3 visa are:

· Unlimited travel in and out of US or stay in US all through the 18 to 24 month visa validly

· Get professional training for a fixed period

· Have your family in US all through the H-3 visa validity

But there are limits put on the H-3 visa and these include:

· The U.S company that puts in the H-3 visa petition for the alien/foreign national has to provide the professional training.

· H-3 is not provided to doctors to receive any type of professional medical training

· In case, you stay on the H-3 for the complete duration of your visa, you cannot petition for change of status or readmission in US in the category L or H visas but have to go out of US for a minimum period of 6 months

· None of the dependents on H-4 are eligible or authorized to seek employment

But if you are unable to complete all the documentation and formalities on your own and are looking for assistance, there are immigration lawyer services that would be glad to help you at every step. As the immigration attorneys work with government agencies, visa services and have helped thousands of people get approved for different visas, they would be surely be in a position to assist you with your requirements.


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