How to Tell a Real Diamond From a Fake Diamond

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Fake security cameras are a useful and cheaper alternative to the real surveillance systems and could often provide you with some excellent features, being very hard to distinguish even by the most experienced thieves. Here are some of the top fake security cameras in this field.

Dummy Dome

Dome fake camera successfully replaces expensive surveillance systems creating a credible impression of surveillance monitored inside (knowing that burglars usually avoid such targets) to help you get the same protective effect at a much lower price. This model is identical to a real camera and is also provided with a red LED that will flash. Nobody knows how to realize that this camera is false.

It is recommended to install it in more visible places such as above the door, the corners that can be seen from the entrance, etc. It installs easily, with just two screws into the wall, with no wired connections. Moreover, this model can also activate its on-camera false motion detection, with a sensor that is embedded. There is also a red light that gives the sense of movement and a pulse for 15 seconds.

This camera is powered by two AA batteries and has a very large range of operation due to low consumption LED signaling and its intermittent ignition. The product is packaged and sealed in accordance with EC requirements and is supplied with a Warranty Certificate.

False Camera PT-1400

This fake surveillance camera has a motion detector system and a light sensor with a built-in wireless antenna. According to the most recent studies on safety systems, almost 90% of thieves are likely to avoid places with video surveillance.  visit Р   Considering this, you might want to opt for the economical solution, by choosing this camcorder very similar to the real professional models, equipped with a light signal.

Because of the motion sensor, the camera will be performing a rotational motion when a person is in the perimeter. In addition to this, it does not require complicated installation. Fixing it with three screws will do the job.


– Works with 3 batteries R6 (not included)
– Size 16 x 6 x 5 cm
– 15 cm length of the media
– Rotation angle of 45 degrees
– Professional look, very credible
– Built-in wireless antenna.
– Warranty: 12 months.

SE02 Camera

Replacing the expensive surveillance systems with this model will create a credible impression of surveillance inside the monitor (knowing that burglars usually avoid such targets) to help you get the same protective effect at a much lower price. This camera is able to detect movement and activate the “Follow target” mode. The red light illuminates the referral motion and the camera will rotate alternately for 15 seconds.

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