How Much Money Do You Waste on Kitchen Gadgets?

May 12, 2020 | By king.97 | Filed in: General.

If you are like me, you own either a full-size food processor with all the bells and whistles, a fabulous mini chopper or maybe even both! But do you use them? Honestly, do you really use them as you intended when you purchased them or do you find yourself grabbing for a knife and a cutting board?  Why do we spend our money on things we don’t use?

It seems as if I am not the only one who does this. Many of my friends have that $300 red stand mixer and I’ve yet to be invited for cake! But, we have to have them they will inspire us and put the fun back into cooking, right?

I like to pour myself a glass of wine, scan through the Epicurious App on my iPad and pick out an amazing Greek dish to whip up for dinner.  Very modern of me!

However, reality sets in, so after realizing I don’t have and fresh nutmeg to grind in my $50 grinder, I sigh and make a simple meal of scrambled eggs and frozen perogies sauteed with onions.  And yes, I use my knife to slice the onions!

Curious how I resort right back to the ways of my mother and grandmother, not the spending hours a day cooking part, but the use the basic tools part. My grandmother spent many, many hours cooking many, many meals and yet I don’t remember anything on her counters except a cake plate and a spoon rest.

I was reading an article, from the International Housewares Trends & Innovations feed I subscribe to, that questioned this very same topic.

The article was saying that although the average woman spends only 5.5 hours a week (4.4 hours per week for working women) in the kitchen compared to 20 hours a week in the 1950’s, we actually own more kitchen helpers and gadgets than ever before; expensive ones at that! cheap food mixer

“So we have something of a mystery. Just when our labor in the kitchen has fallen, we have seen the rise of the gourmet kitchen: the high-end retailers like Williams-Sonoma… the Sub-Zero refrigerators… the $10,000 Viking stoves… the $250 Breville toaster ovens… the Japanese knives with their own display stands.”

So...”Why are we spending so much money on a place where we spend so little time?”.

Why do we spend hundreds of dollars on a blender that does everything from make salsa, to soup, to smoothies to mayonnaise when all we may do is make a margarita twice a year?  Is it because we have turned the once utilitarian workplace of the house into an upscale entertaining mecca that our guests visit?

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