Coupon is Worth Something Special

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I remember cutting the lucky draw coupon from our weekend special newspaper when I was a child. I did do because the lines on the coupon said that whosoever coupon will be picked up in the draw, he or she would get the latest model of bicycle. So, I used to wait eagerly for our weekend newspaper, cut that small voucher, fill it up and used to put it in the box of a nearby kirana store. Now, I see my small daughter collecting all her pizza coupons that we keep getting every time we order for a pizza at home. She does it to avail the one plus one offer and I believe this is the small, lovely story of coupons. Every coupon brings with it a promise of something more at little less price and thus, people of all ages just love to collect them. KBC Lucky Winner

One basic concept behind coupons is that they allow us to save. And if you talk about them in context to latest online shopping trend, then there are plenty of sites that just provide coupons and coupon codes to get the best deals during online shopping. This goes to show the popularity and power of these vouchers and why people are so crazy about them. Let us starts from the basics. If we see the dictionary meaning of coupon, it means a voucher which entitles the holder to a special offer or consideration. So, we all know that a coupon is worth something. People also refer to it by other names like a voucher, token, ticket, marker, comp, detachment or a check. It all started in 1800s with the marketing of one of the biggest brands of all times, Coca Cola Company. The company’s marketing strategy was a hit and therefore, all other companies from diverse sectors starting promoting their new launches by distributing coupons in some or the other form. And today, there are websites that are entirely dedicated to coupon hunting.

Coupons bring with them offers like direct cash discounts, shipping deals, freebies and more. Sometimes coupons cover a particular item, a group of items, product category, or every item in a store. And with most online coupons, there is no need for you to take a print out and take it to the store. The online shopper is just required to enter the code somewhere beside the shopping cart and he or she gets the prevailing deal.

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